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There are wonderful alternatives to mainstream education — like our unique learning space in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded by teacher Lydia Scaltsas, LS Tuition provides a holistic, welcoming, and inclusive approach to your child’s education.

We believe in an education that nurtures the ‘whole child’.

That means looking beyond academics and developing a child’s sense of self. It means understanding that every child has unique strengths and challenges to overcome. It means teaching your child that’s ok to ask for help.

While Maths and English are crucial to success later in life, it’s also important to prioritise a child’s social and emotional development early on.

In short, LS Tuition provides a holistic approach to your child’s education. Above all we want kids to enjoy learning because learning is fun!

Bespoke tuition loved by children (and parents!) across Edinburgh

Because parents and children loved our holistic approach, LS Tuition quickly outgrew our first learning space in Edinburgh. The enthusiasm of the children inspired us and our vision for an inclusive, alternative option to traditional school.

Still based in Edinburgh, our upgraded Learning Space provides even more opportunities for your child’s learning and personal growth.

The Benefits of Our New, Holistic Learning Space

Our brand-new Learning Space isn’t your average classroom. It’s designed from a child’s perspective which has several benefits:

Let’s take a closer look at our unique classroom!

Lydia of LS Tuition in the new learning space classroom

Library Corner

In Library Corner your child can read with a furry friend. Studies show that reading aloud to a pet or cuddly toy builds children’s confidence. Children feel more relaxed in the presence of a favourite toy. Reading aloud, they grow accustomed to hearing their own voice. This builds their confidence when reading in front of others.

Wall of Fame

Children can display pictures of themselves working hard on our Wall of Fame. Celebrating achievement helps children cultivate pride in their work and motivates them to stay consistent.

Their picture on the wall cultivates a child’s sense of belonging, which boosts their self-esteem and makes them less afraid to ask for help.

a wall of celebration of the pupils in ls tuitions learning group to show positive praise

Wall Caterpillar

Our friendly Wall Caterpillar loves to help children count to one hundred. Many children experience maths anxiety, which is why our Edinburgh Learning Space reduces fear around maths by making numbers an engaging part of the classroom.

Mindfulness Area

In our Mindfulness Area children can discuss and learn to regulate tough emotions. Selecting a positive affirmation can help children combat negative self-talk, while setting an intention for each lesson cultivates optimism and prevents overwhelm.

A wall in ls tuition dedicated to self care in the learning space including signs that say to shine bright, be kind and dream big

Birthday Wall

At LS Tuition Edinburgh, every child receives something special on their birthday. Celebrating birthdays helps students feel special and lets them know that their teachers and peers care about them.

A Literacy wall at LS Tuition that features an area dedicated to student birthdays and mindfulness

Quiet Zone

Challenging behaviour in the classroom is sometimes a result of sensory overwhelm. Our quiet zone provides a safe space for children to decompress in privacy. A full day of school can leave children feeling either tired or overstimulated. Taking a moment of calm helps busy minds unwind at the end of the day.

Imagination Station

The Imagination Station is the most exciting innovation at our new Learning Space in Edinburgh! It’s a challenge station for children of all ages. Students engage in various activities that gently challenge their critical thinking and problem solving. Fine and gross motor skills are also developed. Even our tutors love the fiendish puzzles of the Imagination Station!

a teacher and a child learning at the imagination station

How Our Edinburgh Learning Space Benefits The ‘Whole Child’

Our unique classroom is one of the only Learning Spaces in Edinburgh that develops the ‘whole child’. Developing the whole child focuses on bigger picture education.

At LS Tuition Edinburgh we believe that a child’s development and wellbeing is about more than their academic results. These values are reflected in our specially designed classroom.

Small class sizes prevent shy children feeling overwhelmed. Brightly decorated walls inspire and motivate. Different zones provide safe spaces for children to overcome challenges.

Our Edinburgh-based Learning Space also provides more one-to-one time with the teacher compared to mainstream schools. It’s a safe, trusting environment. We respect a child’s feelings, and our tutors encourage and support students to learn at their own pace.

Our activities provide a rounded curriculum of academics and art — because play is a vital part of being a child! Research also shows that creative play boosts problem solving skills.

At all stages, we give children freedom to make their own choices. Something as simple as choosing which book they’d like to read helps children become active in their own learning.

By teaching time-management skills and prioritising tasks, children learn to manage workloads and study effectively. This is particularly important around exam time.

Alternative, Independent Education In Scotland

What is alternative education? In Scotland, independent schools provide an alternative to mainstream education. All pupils in Scotland are automatically entitled to free education at the school that serves their local area.

However, not all children flourish in mainstream education. Alternative schools offer a different approach to learning that may suit your child’s individual needs better.

LS Tuition provides alternative education for Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. We take a holistic approach to learning and develop the ‘whole child’.

Holistic learning focuses 5 key areas of a child’s development.

Based at 11 Harewood Road, Edinburgh, we offer alternative tuition and a summer school programme. We’re well-versed in both the Scottish and English curricula. Our holistic approach also covers Key Stage 1 and Key Stage English and Maths.

Is Our Edinburgh Learning Space Suitable For Autistic And Other Neurodiverse Children?

LS Tuition Edinburgh supports the learning of autistic and neurodiverse children.

We’ve recently partnered with STAND (Stronger Together For Autism and Neurodivergence), a charity in Edinburgh advocating for the rights and education of neurodivergent children.

Many children face barriers to their education due to high levels of anxiety or sensory overwhelm. For this reason, mainstream schools don’t always suit the unique needs of autistic or neurodivergent children.

LS Tuition is delighted to provide bespoke tuition in a safe space for neurodiverse children across Edinburgh.

Working alongside STAND, we offer a Family Support Group to help support the wider community of each child. Education ought to be available to all children. We’re proud to work with STAND in breaking barriers to education for neurodivergent learners.

How much does LS Tuition Edinburgh Alternative Education cost?

An initial assessment costs £97.50 for 1.5 hours.

This includes:

Our weekly session price is £65 per hour. This includes:

Ignite your child’s passion for learning with an initial assessment!

About Our Summer School

We offer blocks throughout July and August. If you’d like your children to attend, please get in touch via our website.

a picture of lydia from ls tuition in her learning space

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