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Meet The Team

Our lovely tutors who work at LS Tuition

a teacher at LS tuition offering 1:1 time with a pupil

Meet Lydia

Lydia is the Founder of LS Tuition and has been working as a Private Tutor since June 2020. Lydia graduated from the University of Strathclyde with a First Class Honours Degree in Primary Education and achieved full registration as a Primary School Teacher. Prior to this, Lydia completed a Higher National Certificate in Early Education and Childcare, achieving a Grade A.

LS Tuition was born out of a desire to make a real difference to children’s lives. Through experience, it became abundantly clear to Lydia that true learning comes only when it is underpinned by strong foundational relationships between teacher and student, a focus on instilling positive self-image, belief, resilience and confidence, and holistic support for the ‘whole’ child, not just the academic aspect of their growth.

This inspiration led to the development of LS Tuition and in January 2022, Lydia fulfilled her dream of opening an in-person Learning Space, dedicated to upholding the values and ethos that LS Tuition has now become known for.

This is why what we do at LS Tuition is so much more than simply teaching curricular content. We work with your children to support them in their personal learning journey; in developing a sense of self, and we know that success in learning comes only when the underlying message is that we care about you as a person.

Psychology tells us that childhood is a period of time which powerfully shapes who we are as people. As such, Lydia is dedicated to working closely with children and their families; to ensure that LS Tuition is providing each and every child with a learning experience that will positively impact through the developmental years, into adulthood and for life.

3 Fun Facts About Lydia

1) Lydia is originally from Greece and speaks fluent Greek! Καλώς ήρθατε στο LS Tuition!

2) Lydia loves to sing! If she had not become a teacher, she probably would have been a singer.

3) Lydia’s favorite films are Moana and Encanto. Anything with a good tune to get her boogying on the sofa.

Meet Mhari-Anne

Mhari-Anne graduated with a Master of Arts in Primary Education at the University of Edinburgh. She has experience working with children across a variety of ages and stages, both in the public and private sectors. In addition to this, she has extensive experience outside of teaching in the classroom including working as a Nursery Practitioner and developing curricular-based maths exercises for a children’s educational company.

Mhari-Anne has recently completed her Masters in Psychology and has become a registered member of the British Psychology Society (BPS). This degree has provided her with insight into children’s development as well as valuable knowledge surrounding children with a variety of behavioural, social, and learning challenges. Mhari-Anne is also eager to continue her studies by partaking in a Masters in Educational Psychology.

Mhari-Anne has undertaken a variety of professional development courses, including World Class Mathematics: Asian Teaching Approaches, from Southampton University, funded by MacMillan Education. This course is designed to support the development of strategies tailored towards fostering algebraic and numerical reasoning in Primary School children’s Math lessons. Additionally, Mhari-Anne has completed Phonics in Early Years training from the Queensland University of Technology. This training provides crucial insight into the best way to teach phonics sounds/patterns from the very start of a child’s learning journey.

Mhari-Anne has recently undertaken a Mental Health Champions Foundation Program which allowed her to study various aspects of Children’s Mental Health, the development of the brain, the adult’s role in supporting positive outcomes, and the harmful social impacts of COVID-19 on children. All of Mhari-Anne’s teaching is geared towards enabling each and every child to develop positive self-esteem and feel confident in themselves and their abilities.

3 Fun Facts About Mhairi-Anne

1) Mhari-Anne has an identical twin sister…so if you think you’re seeing double, you probably are!

2) Mhari-Anne is super sporty and loves netball, rugby and athletics.

3) Mhari-Anne’s favourite film is Megamind and she has watched it over 40 times!

Meet Rachel

Rachel graduated from Aberdeen University with a Bachelors of Education. Since then, she has worked in a variety of settings across the globe including Scotland, Dubai and America.

During this time, Rachel has gained a huge breadth of experience and knowledge in her position as class teacher, as well as Leadership roles. Her latest role was working in the Learning Support Department, supporting children with a range of Additional Support Needs.

Rachel has a deep understanding of both the National Curriculum as well as the Curriculum for Excellence, and understands the importance of helping children to develop solid foundations in their learning which in turn allows them to transfer and apply individually taught skills to more complex situations.

As Rachel’s teaching journey progressed, she became invested in nurturing the Mental Health and Wellbeing of the children within her care, and as a result of this, she is due to complete a Post Graduate Degree in Mental Health, Attachment and Trauma this Summer.

Her passion for this has influenced her teaching practice and allowed her to give focus to preparing children for the fast-paced and ever changing world they live in. Rachel believes that establishing and maintaining positive relationships with her students allows them to flourish and work to their maximum potential. When children feel safe to take risks in their learning, ask questions and make mistakes, without worry, they are capable of achieving great things!

Understanding that children all learn in different ways, and at different paces, helps tailor learning to the true needs of each individual child. This is something that underpins Rachel’s practice and, having tutored for over ten years, she has truly been able to see the impact on each child’s progress.

Rachel has tutored privately over the last eleven years. Her experience ranges from teaching Primary School (P1 – P7) to Secondary School (S1 – S3). Her experience perfectly places her to transition our Primary School Student to Secondary School and ensure they remain supported as they embark upon this new level of learning.

1. Rachel has visited 63 countries sofar! She has been to six continents (only Antartica left), all seven Wonders of the World and every Disney Theme Park around the world.

2. Rachel LOVES adventure. She has scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef, Paraglided in Rio, and Skydived in both Australia and Dubai…she even went diving with Sharks!

3. Rachel taught for the Royal Family for five years when she lived in Dubai.

Meet the Admin Team

Meet Ali

Our wonderful Ali keeps things running in the background every day!

Ali is a qualified secondary school teacher with a Master’s in Education, specializing in Additional Support Needs and Inclusive Practice. She has worked with children and young people for the past 20 years and truly connects with the LS Tuition core values and ethos.

Alongside this, Ali has extensive experience working in administration and is the most organised person we know!

Fun Fact:
Ali LOVES Pilates and credits her physical health to this!

Meet Yvonne

Yvonne is our social media manager and branding enthusiast.

Yvonne loves all things social media and the way it allows us to tell our stories online. She has been with LS Tuition almost 3 years and loves the LS Tuition ethos so much that her daughter joined us as a student in 2022!

Day to day Yvonne helps different businesses build their online audience, but she definitely has a soft spot for LS Tuition.


Fun Fact:
Yvonne shares the LS Tuition love of the ocean and regular wild swims in East Lothian to help her relax.

Meet Natalie

Natalie is our marketing whizz and content creator!

Natalie studied Photography and Graphic Design at University, and has worked in Communications ever since.Her main focus in her photography practice was documentary photography and she can’t wait to start travelling the world again for this!

Natalie also used to work with the Lothian Autistic Society Playscheme in Summer and Easter holidays, taking kids swimming, trampolining and to the park!

Fun Fact:
Natalie and Lydia actually went to School together and became friends in choir!

Meet Marissa

Marissa is our website manager and also works on our digital marketing. She has been working with LS Tuition since 2023 and loves being part of such a fun and friendly team.

Marissa has been working in web design and online marketing for over 10 years. She loves building beautiful websites that help businesses share their work with the world. She also holds a BA Scottish Music from the RCS and has been a well respected and sought after music tutor for nearly 20 years.

Marissa stays busy with her young family and dog and loves the work she does!

Fun Fact:
Marissa loves powerlifting and getting lost in a good book.