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Supporting children in Edinburgh with 1:1 holistic education support, personalised learning plans and individually tailored teaching

1:1 holistic education support at LS Tuition

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Is your child struggling with their learning?

Do you feel they would benefit from, and maybe even grow to enjoy, their school environment more if they felt more supported in their educational journey? At LS Tuition, we understand the challenges children face in today’s educational landscape; each journey is unique to each child, and we’ll meet you exactly where you are. We are fully qualified 1:1 Primary School teachers in Edinburgh who provide personalised learning plans and individually tailored teaching for children aged 4-13, including Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. 

At the basis of everything we guide you and your child through in our 1:1 holistic education support, across subjects and learning levels, is a foundation of developing problem solvers and analytical thinkers. We do not simply want to teach your children individual concepts, but rather enable them to use these concepts interchangeably and for a variety of purposes.

If you worry about your childs day-to-day learning experience, wished you knew more about their education and feel you want to do more to support their learning, you’re in the right place.

Our expert team of tutors will guide your child from:

And help your child grow to:

How does it work?

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Introducing our brand new Activity Arena!

The Activity Arena has been carefully designed by our LS Tuition Tutors to provide our learners with opportunities to engage in tasks that promote the development of problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Each week, a new challenge will be available for our students to engage in; it’s a big hit!

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Why we’re known for our work supporting children with 1:1 holistic education support

My name is Lydia and I’m the founder of LS Tuition. I’m thrilled to have you here! I’m a fully qualified Primary School Teacher with 8 years of experience working with children aged 4-13.

I have extensive experience in teaching all areas of both the Scottish and English Curricula, including First Level/Key Stage 1 and Second Level/Key Stage 2; both in-person and online. I also have experience working with children with varying additional support needs and specialise in online tutoring for primary school children. 


We’ve expanded quickly to a full team of tutors working to support students in our beautiful learning space based in East Edinburgh.

Working with children is our passion. We truly love what we do and consistently work very hard to maintain and further develop our teaching practice.

We firmly believe that the foundation of success within the classroom and within teaching are strong relationships. Children will not thrive and learn unless they are in an environment in which they feel supported, loved and comfortable. Children in our classroom know they are valued and cared for as individuals which allows them to thrive academically in our 1:1 holistic education support programmes. We enable children to build their confidence and support them in developing a sense of self-belief and independence.

All lessons take place at the LS Tuition Learning Space in Edinburgh

This is the perfect location to enhance an ideal learning experience for our valued students. For learning to be meaningful, it needs to be an all-encompassing holistic experience for the child, and the environment matters. The LS Tuition Learning Space has been specifically designed not only to be a fun and engaging working space for children, but actually to play an active role in your child’s learning experience and development.

The classroom has been designed to stimulate your child to actively engage with every part of the space; whether this is reading in the Library Corner with a furry friend; displaying a photo of themselves working hard on the LS Tuition Wall of Fame, using our Wall Caterpillar to count to 100, spending 5 minutes in the Mindfulness Area to discuss and regulate some tough emotions, selecting a positive affirmation and setting lesson intentions, rummaging through our expansive selection of active learning resources; getting analytical in our Imagination Station, or even just putting their birthday cupcake on the Birthday Wall to make sure they receive a special something from the Birthday Box on their special day! 

This classroom has been designed through the eyes of a child and every inch has been developed to support your children in having a friendly, supportive and holistic learning experience alongside their regular schooling.

I would love to welcome you and your family to this beautiful space.