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As the holidays approach, you might be considering the benefits of Summer School for your child. Summer brings the promise of better weather, endless relaxation, and a break from demanding routines. But for active young minds, the long summer holidays can also spell disrupted routines, emotional dysregulation – and boredom.

Not to mention stressed parents!

Six weeks off sounds great at first, but how often do you see your kids bored after a week of mooching around the house? Growing brains need constant stimulation, and for working parents, managing children’s attention spans over the summer can be challenging.

That’s where Summer Schools come in.

What are Summer Schools?

Summer Schools provide learning opportunities and enrichment activities for young learners. You might think of Summer Schools as courses only for older students preparing for university, but young learners can benefit from summer learning too.

Summer is a challenging time for parents and young learners. Rest is vital, but being out of school for 6 weeks can lead children to forget all that they’ve learned in the previous school year. This, coupled with a break in routine, can make the thought of returning to school in August more daunting.

What kind of children benefit from Summer Schools?

If your child;

then they might benefit from Summer School.

What are the benefits of Summer School for kids?

Summer Schools can rekindle a child’s enthusiasm for learning, provide mental and physical stimulation, offer a low-pressure opportunity to socialise, and help combat the summer ‘brain drain’.

Maintaining a Routine

Everyone needs a break, but long summer holidays without a routine can spike a child’s anxiety. Studies show that a break in routine can distress children. Routines help children sleep better, identify and cope with their emotions, and better adapt to everyday setbacks.

Children making the transition from primary to secondary school may also find the summer holidays difficult if they’re troubled by the loss of a familiar environment, schedule, or a favourite teacher.

Summer courses are a bridge between the holidays and the start date of a new term. They provide a flexible but supportive environment that helps your child maintain a healthy routine while having fun.

Beat Summer Learning Loss

Summer brain drain is real. Studies show that over the summer children lose around one month of learning. Teachers often spend the first six weeks of the new term reviewing material learned before summer!

Summer Schools are a fun way to improve your child’s retention of vital skills like Reading and Maths. They also provide an opportunity to practice skills that your child may have found challenging during term time.

Beat Boredom

Routines provide structure and discipline. While it’s important to enjoy the fun and festivities of summer, six weeks of playing computer games won’t improve your child’s self-discipline or motivation to learn. Furthermore, unchecked boredom can damage a child’s development.

Chronic boredom in children has been linked to binge-eating and risk-taking behaviours. There also appears to be a link between boredom and increased anxiety and depression.

Regular hours where they can learn and socialise will help your child beat the summer slump.

Increases Confidence and Social Skills

Even shy children can become more confident in the right environment!

A summer camp or school allows children to build their self-esteem by trying new things. Increased confidence might make them less anxious to return to school at the end of summer.

Our summer courses in Edinburgh teaches students to pay attention to their feelings and avoid “black or white” thinking. This helps prevent small failures from having a disproportionately negative effect on a child’s self-image.

Kids Gain Independence

Being away from home can help children feel more independent. If your child is fearful of entering new situations alone, they might benefit from the low-pressure environment of a Summer School.

Because Summer School hours are shorter than regular school hours, children can gradually spend time in a new environment. Learning something new or brushing up on old skills will boost their self-esteem and help them feel confident in their ability to manage the situation.

Reading Rocks

In the digital age, the importance of reading hasn’t diminished. Reading skills drop by two months over the summer, so it’s a good idea to keep your children’s skills fresh with a general English course.

Research shows that confident readers are more likely to succeed in school and hold a professional career, so there’s no better time to enroll your child in Summer School!

Master Maths

Numbers can make even adults break into a cold sweat. Help your child overcome Maths anxiety by brushing up their skills in a low-pressure environment.

Everyone learns at a different pace. If your child fell behind last term, a Summer School could help them catch up.

Keeps Kids Active

Children and young people aged 5 to 18 need to do at least 60 minutes of aerobic activity every day. Summer Schools often provide physical activities to keep students active and energised.

More 1:1 Learning

a teacher at LS tuition offering 1:1 time with a pupil

Studies show that higher personal interaction with a teacher can significantly boost learning.

However, big classes and limited time might mean your child isn’t getting enough one-to-one attention in their regular classes. Summer Schools’ smaller classes ensure your child gets more of their teacher’s undivided attention.

Meet New Friends

Making friends is an anxiety many children have. Summer Schools provide an opportunity to get to know children from different backgrounds. Social interaction with children outside their normal peer group can help your child broaden their social horizons. And they might find new friends for life!

Explore Hidden Talents

Summer Schools provide an opportunity to explore new skills outside the school curriculum. Activities like drawing and crafts stimulate your child’s imagination in fun, engaging ways. Crafts have also been proven to reduce stress and soothe anxiety.

The National Curriculum outlines the importance of art, craft, and design in inspiring students.

Find a Summer School In Edinburgh

From our Edinburgh location, LS Tuition’s Summer School supports students with a consistent routine and the added benefit of qualified teaching.

At LS Tuition we focus on the ‘whole child’, a holistic view that offers a complete approach learning. Our teaching is transferrable, exciting, enjoyable and supportive.

Each lesson from our Edinburgh location, is another opportunity for us to motivate your children and instil a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

Lydia of LS Tuition in the new learning space classroom

Our Edinburgh Summer Course Structure

Our Edinburgh Summer School runs over 7 weekly blocks. Parents and families can choose to book their child in for as many week-long blocks as they’d like.

Sessions are limited to 6 children at a time. This ensures that your child receives focused attention from the leading tutor and allows us to tailor the Summer School content to fit your child’s learning needs.

A typical day involves general English and Maths skills, the opportunity to develop emotional regulation, and socialising with other students.

 View a sample timetable.

How much does our Edinburgh Summer School cost?

We charge £200 per block, per week, per child. That’s just £13 an hour!

If you book more than one child you’ll receive a 20% discount, and individual booking for 2 or more blocks will also get 20% off the total fee.

We offer blocks throughout July and August. If you’d like your children to attend please get in touch at our website.

Check Scotland’s summer holiday start date and end of term here.

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