Now taking enquiries for LS Summer School 2024. Get in touch now before our spaces are full!

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  Welcome everyone to LS Tuition!


My name is Lydia and I am so thrilled to finally be seeing my teaching dreams become a reality!

I have been working with children for almost 7 years now and find it to be the most rewarding career. It is truly my joy to see children reach new academic heights and develop thier personal sense of self.

My aim in starting LS Tuition is to provide for each child I work with, a completley personalised learning journey based on the 4 W’s:


These questions form part of my initial communication with you as well as my own ongoing professional practice when working with you and your child/children. I endeavour always to work with you to enable your child to not only be successful but feel successful, capable, confident and powerful in their knowledge and in themselves.

It will truly be my pleasure to welcome you to the LS Tuition family! Please feel free to browse the website where you wil be able to set up a personal account for lesson bookings/payments; learn more about online learning and my very own virtual classroom, read reviews from my current wonderful students and their families, and find out more about everything LS Tuition has to offer!

I look forward to meeting with you soon!

Lydia x


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