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Key Stage 2 is the National Curriculum followed by public and state schools here in Scotland. It applies to children aged 7-12 and in Primary 4 to Primary 7. It covers a range of core subjects that are expected to be covered in the curriculum in order to prepare children for their transition into secondary school and beyond.

Moving on from Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2 is where we expand upon everything previously learned in Key Stage 1, to ensure your children are confident and thriving individuals, and are ready to move on from Primary School to their Secondary School journey. Depending on the learning level of the individual child, we also extend into Key Stage 3 where such a challenge is necessary.

The Key Stage 2 National Curriculum is only mandatory in state and public funded schools, however for those home schooling or attending private schools it is recommended that the core subjects and learning methods are followed to ensure a cohesive learning experience when moving into secondary schools. At LS Tuition we provide tutoring to help support students through their KS2 modules and assessments.

Assessment Preparation

At LS Tuition we help our students study and prepare for their end of year assessments and provide additional learning support in areas students may be having difficulty grasping or need some extra practise in. Your child’s education is our number one priority, and we support their learning through engaging play-driven activities to encourage understanding of each topic beyond traditional textbook learning. This holistic teaching style encourages critical thinking, problem solving and independence, as well as a number of other important learning skills.

At the end of the school year, students are expected to complete standard assessment tests or SATs to inform secondary schools where your child’s education levels currently sit and what additional support may be required. Some students may also sit the Eleven Plus Tests that we will go onto in greater detail later.

What are the National Curriculum Subjects found in Key Stage 2?

KS2 English or Literacy

In Key Stage 1 English and Literacy, students are taught through three key areas that include Reading, Writing and Talking/Listening. In these initial years the focus is on foundational phonics learning in order to be able to understand the literature in question, rather than relying on memory.

Key Stage 2 English/Literacy builds on these foundational skills through a Novel Study between your child and their tutor. This Novel Study forms the basis for the cultivation of advanced reading skill, advanced comprehension, and extended writing. Your child and their Tutor will use all means of questioning styles and writing structures to develop your child’s Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) and support them in working towards the Key Stage 3 curricula.

We have a multitude of Novel Studies to choose from at this level, all designed by our tutors, to target all areas of the Key Stage 2 Literacy Curriculum (and moving into Key Stage 3). We believe it is of the utmost importance that your child be interested in their reading materials and as such, if your child is unable to find a Novel Study they engage with, our Tutors will work with you and your child to find and develop something new, suitable for your child.

Some examples of previous Novels used for KS2 Study are:

children reading KS2 level books

KS2 Mathematics and Numeracy

In order to be able to move into KS2 Mathematics, it is critical that students have a strong grasp of the concepts and skills they learned in KS1.

During KS1 our focus is on teaching the why and not just on the memorisation of the what. We understand the vital importance of supporting your children in becoming critical and analytical thinkers, able to put together multiple different puzzle pieces, rather than simply teaching them formulas to memorise that make little sense in differing contexts.

Understanding these foundation level concepts are paramount to being able to progress into KS2. Therefore, before we begin any additional learning, our Tutors will recap and revisit these key areas before building on this existing knowledge.

Your child and their Tutor will engage in revising and learning key numeracy concepts including all times tables, place value up to 8-digits, formal and informal division, simple algebra etc. These numeracy concepts will then transfer into the teaching of second level maths topics including, fractions, decimals, percentages etc.

Numeracy Learning Materials including number cards, pie charts, counting materials

What are the Mandatory Subjects Taught in Key Stage 2?

The list of core subjects that must be taught as part of the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum are:

In addition to this, there are a few more subjects that are widely encouraged to be included as part of the curriculum.

Religious Education must be taught in all state funded schools and must cover a range of religions rather than focusing on just one. However, parents can request that pupils are not educated on beliefs different to their own and can choose to exclude their child from these lessons.

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is also an optional subject in KS2. It teaches children about staying safe, looking after themselves and living a healthy lifestyle. PSHE is meant to teach children positive social skills and how to understand other people’s feelings. In Key Stage 2, PSHE also includes topics like puberty, sex, relationships and emotional health. As with Religious Education, parents have the right to remove their child from sex education lessons if they wish to do so.

What Assessments are expected in KS2?

When reaching the end of Key Stage 2 learning, your child will be expected to complete some standardised exams to evaluate their performance and identify any areas where additional support may be required. These areas are:

LS Tuition are experienced in preparing your child for their standard assessment tests and have a wide range of study tips and learning techniques that will assist in absorbing new information, as well as understanding the why of the subjects at hand and not just relying on memory. These skills are often transferrable from subject to subject, and will give your child the opportunity to excel in their secondary school journey.

Can you Assist with Eleven Plus Assessments?

Yes! LS Tuition tutors are also experienced in providing tuition specific to exam preparation for Scottish Private School entrance exams, SATS and 11+ level learning.

The 11+ is a test taken by some Year 6/Primary 7 pupils in primary schools in the UK that are looking to gain entry into prestigious schools in England. It is a way of selecting who is academically suited to attend a grammar school or selective school for Year 7 onwards, and is sometimes also known as the ‘Transfer Test’.

KS2 Tuition

LS Tuition are experienced tutors in the KS2 Curricula and have assisted primary school children with their learning for a number of years. Based in Edinburgh, our tutoring can be provided for £65 per hour and can cover a range of areas where your child may require extra support. Lessons are available in our classroom space located in the heart of Edinburgh, with online lessons also available.

To enquire about a place at LS Tuition please contact or call us on 07584064721.

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