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Key Stage 1 is the National Curriculum for education here in Scotland that covers primary school children aged 5 – 7 or from Primary 1 to Primary 3. These include a wide range of subjects that should be taught to students within their early primary school years and national tests that should be completed at the end of the school year.

All public primary schools in Scotland follow the Key Stage 1 National Curriculum and therefore it is a fundamental part of our private tutoring program here at LS Tuition. Private schools, free schools and other non-state funded schools are exempt from following the Key Stage 1 curriculum, but there will be a vast number of commonalities found across their education programs. At LS Tuition we provide tutoring to help support students through their KS1 modules and assessments.

At LS Tuition we help students study and prepare for these subjects and tests through imagination and play, and by creating a safe and welcoming space to learn. These years are your child’s first experience (beyond Early Years) of formal learning. It is therefore vital that your children be immersed in a world of fun, active and exciting learning opportunities which we deliver through holistic teaching methods and learning through play.

What are the National Curriculum Subjects found in Key Stage 1?

KS1 English or Literacy

Our Literacy learning at this stage is split into 3 key areas: Reading, Writing and Talking/Listening. All three of these areas are mostly reliant on the teaching of vital, foundational phonics.

Your child and their tutor will work through the Phonics Curriculum to ensure that all Phases (1-6) are solid, by which point your child will be ready to move on to the Second Level/Key Stage 2 Curriculum; typically by Primary 4.

At LS Tuition, we work with the Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) reading scheme and support your children in slowly working their way through each level until they are ready to progress to larger novels. Writing at this level will include emphasis on correct letter formation, simple spelling patterns and the beginnings of sentence structure including initial grammar and parts of speech.

Your children will be wholly encouraged and supported to begin to think critically, analyse their thinking and share their ideas with their tutor. We also prepare children for national curriculum tests and help foster positive study abilities that will help them in their later years at primary and secondary school, and beyond.

Some important skills learned through Key Stage 1 English are:

KS1 Mathematics or Numeracy

At LS Tuition we make a clear distinction between ‘Maths’ and ‘Numeracy’. Maths refers to specific mathematical topics such as, angles, fractions, shape etc. Whereas, Numeracy refers to the foundational understanding of number and how this works, for example; Place Value, Times Tables, Number Operations etc.

In order for any significant understanding to exist in relation to a maths topic, there must first be a strong foundational understanding of numeracy. It is here that we begin with each child and then progress to various maths topics.

At this level and within numeracy, your child will be guided to developing a strong and confident understanding of the most basic numeracy concepts including; the value of number, initial times tables, use of a hundred square, addition, subtraction and inverse operations – to name but a few. Our goal is to ensure that your children understand rather than memorise.

At LS Tuition our focus is always on the why and not just on the memorisation of the what. We understand the vital importance of supporting your children in becoming critical and analytical thinkers, able to put together multiple different puzzle pieces, rather than simply teaching them formulas to memorise that make little sense in differing contexts.

We also want to provide the children with a basic understanding of mathematical language so they are able to solve problems independently by working their way methodically through the question at hand, turning to their tutors for guidance when required.

Some important skills learned through Key Stage 1 Maths are:

KS1 Science

The sciences curriculum area includes the study of Planet Earth; forces, electricity and waves; biological systems; materials; and topical science.

By learning about our world at such an early age, we hope to develop a keen interest in the world we live in. The sciences curriculum will aid children in developing important and transferable skills that can be applied in all areas of study including inquiry and investigative skills, analytical thinking skills, as well as developing a good understanding of the world as it is today, and how we hope to see it tomorrow.

Education Scotland have stated:

“The sciences curriculum plays a crucial role in supporting the implementation of Scotland’s STEM Education and Training Strategy. Through the embedding of Learning for Sustainability in sciences learning and teaching, it also supports efforts to address the climate and nature emergencies and to realise our ambition to become a Net Zero Nation.”

Some important topics that we may cover are:

KS1 History

The National Curriculum for KS1 History involves building an awareness of the past and different time periods, and the people or creatures that lived there. We have freedom to explore local history as well as worldwide events so long as they support the teaching of changes in living memory, significant national events, and the lives of significant individuals.

Some areas of History that may be touched on are:

Full List of Core Subjects for KS1

The National Government has set out the following list of core subjects to be covered as part of a KS1 and KS2 Curriculum covered in primary education:

Primary Schools must now also provide:

KS1 Tuition

LS Tuition are experienced tutors in the KS1 Curricula and have assisted primary school children with their learning for a number of years. Based in Edinburgh, our tutoring can be provided for £65 per hour and can cover a range of areas where your child may require extra support. Lessons are held at our classroom space in the heart of Edinburgh, with online lessons also available.

To enquire about a place at LS Tuition, please contact or call us on 07584064721.

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