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Easter has just passed but now is the time to consider summer school.

Summer schools aren’t about forcing your child to learn instead of taking a well-earned break — they’re a great way to keep children active and entertained throughout the holidays. Music to parents’ ears!

Research indicates that over the summer, children can lose a significant chunk of what they’ve learned — with maths particularly affected. Come August, many children feel a sense of trepidation upon returning to the classroom because it feels like they’re starting from scratch.

Young minds need nourishment and summer school provides all the brain food they need. Choosing tutors with a holistic approach to education provides added benefits of boosting their social skills, nurturing creative talent, and developing an aptitude for problem-solving.

At LS Tuition we’ve seen the challenges the 6-week summer holiday poses for parents and children alike. While rest is crucial to healthy development, the long absence from school, friends, and a consistent routine can cause emotional dysregulation and stress.

In today’s blog post, we’re helping parents prepare for summer school. This is your gateway to a fun and mentally invigorating summer of learning!

How much does summer school cost?

Let’s jump right into the cost.

A 1-week block at our LS Tuition Summer School costs £300 per child.

That’s only £10 per hour.

If you’re already paying for childcare perhaps summer school is an option worth consideration. Your child will have access to mentally stimulating activities, be able to brush up on maths and reading skills, and have the chance to make new friends.

You can book more than one 1-week block but we don’t offer less than a week. Why? We believe that consistency is key to learning that lasts.

Each 1-week block is designed to support your child’s academic and social progression in a short space of time. Each day builds on the next and lessons are tailored to the needs of individual learners. That way they can get the most out of their time with us.

Summer School discounts

If you book more than one child from the same family we offer 20% off the total fee for each week booked.

If you book one child for two or more 1-week blocks you’ll get 20% off the total fee.

Discounts can’t be used in conjunction with each other. However, we hope these offers make our summer school an affordable way to prioritise your child’s education.

LS Tuition Summer School start dates

We know parents like to plan ahead.

Here you can find our start dates for Summer 2024:

W/C July 8th: Key Stage 2 (P4 – 7)

W/C July 15th: Key Stage 1 (P1 – 4)

W/C July 29th: Key Stage 1 (P1 – 4)

W/C August 5th: Key Stage 2 (P4 – 7)

Each 1-week block is Monday – Friday, 9am – 3pm. That’s 30 hours of tailored teaching per block.

How do I book a block?

Registering interest for multiple weeks is the best way to get your child into our Summer School Groups.

You must register interest early to avoid disappointment. We’re taking inquiries now and spaces fill up fast.

Let us know (out of the dates above) which weeks your child is available we’ll contact you to confirm.

Registering interest doesn’t commit you to paying. When our Summer School dates are confirmed an LS Tuition Tutor will be in touch to process your booking officially.

Why choose summer school?

Planning your child’s education is a little bit like sticking to a healthy diet.

A treat here and there? All well and good. Yet the bulk of a healthy diet should come from a rich variety of nutrient-dense, wholesome food.

Eating sweets and pizza all day every day won’t help us become the best version of ourselves. Likewise, a 6-week diet of screen time won’t support a child’s healthy development.

Any parent knows how quickly kids get bored in the summer holidays. Sleeping in and binging TV shows feels great at first but quickly turns stale. Young, growing minds crave sustenance. Studies also show that the quick dopamine hits from social media and iPad scrolling negatively affect children’s wellbeing and processing capabilities.

Add to that a loss of meaningful routine and what do you get? A recipe for emotional dysregulation and boredom.

Alternatively, summer school brings variety, intellectual stimulation, and a healthy routine to your child’s summer.

A sample day at our Edinburgh summer school

At LS Tuition we’re firm believers that learning is fun. While our summer schools focus on key academic subjects like English and Maths, there’s also room for creative play and building social skills.

A typical day looks like this:

1.      Soft-Start/Settling in Activities

Taking time to settle into the school day helps children relax. Especially on the first day, it’s important to give children time to adjust to new surroundings and faces. Studies show children feel ready to learn when they’re relaxed.

2.     Focused Literacy Input

This covers all means of reading, writing, talking, and listening.

Children who learn to read early and maintain their reading skills have greater general knowledge and a wider vocabulary as adults. Fluent readers also develop better attention spans and concentration.

We have a whole blog dedicated to page-turners for budding bookworms!

3.     Break/Lunch Time

Breaks are a valuable part of children’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Breaktime is an opportunity to build friendships with classmates and give the brain a break. Far from being idle, taking a break refreshes the brain and helps boost productivity upon return to the classroom.

We provide an array of healthy snacks and drinks daily but ask children to bring their own lunches.

4.   Focused Numeracy/Maths Input

This covers number skills and maths topics aimed at the ability level of the children booked in each week.

Maths is one of the subjects most impacted by summer learning loss. Not to mention many children struggle with maths anxiety. Summer school is a supportive, low-pressure environment that helps children improve their numeracy skills and feel like maths whizzes when a new term arrives.

We dedicated a blog post to learning the times tables because it’s such a crucial skill!

5.     Developmental Benchmark Focus through Social Studies & Arts and Crafts

Social skills and imagination are an essential part of human development.

Many parents see summer school as a chance for their child to catch up academically or as a means to combat ‘summer brain drain’. Summer school certainly provides these benefits!

However, interaction with peers and taking time for creative play have wide-ranging benefits. Children who effectively communicate and work as a team are more likely to succeed in school and the workplace.

Furthermore, there are benefits to being able to identify and express emotions in a healthy way. Emotional regulation isn’t a skill many of us were taught. The ability to self-regulate has a calming effect, preventing overwhelm and negative thoughts.

We’re also big on creative play! It’s been proven that encouraging a child’s imaginative side boosts problem-solving skills — an ability employers value above all others.

Our holistic summer school

We believe in developing the ‘whole child’ with a holistic approach to education.

That means nurturing a child’s emotional development, cognitive functions, social skills, imagination, and academic achievement.

It’s also about teaching children the WHY alongside the WHAT. Holistic learning builds a web of knowledge at kids’ fingertips instead of forcing them to rely on dull, rote memorisation.

Our tutors see each child as an individual and encourage them to follow their natural curiosity. We’ve found that this holistic approach stimulates a deep love of learning that supports children through their education.

An example of this in action is our Critical Thinking Corner. Carefully designed by LS Tuition tutors, the Corner is a hub of bright ideas and independent thought. Each week learners are given a question (related to the fields of Maths, Science, STEM, Geography and Philosophy) to ponder and discuss.

This collaborative, creative exercise fires up the problem-solving side of their brain, promotes deep thinking and allows children to interact with classmates.

Questions are encouraged in our classroom! Questions help children develop critical thinking and evaluate the world around them. We also encourage identity-related questions to help children discover who they are.

One of their favourite questions is, “Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into and why?”

Far from frivolous, these questions build self-esteem and a sense of self by encouraging children to analyse their position in the world.

Deciding if summer school is right for your child

There are many benefits to our LS Tuition Summer School besides giving parents a break during the summer holidays. If you’re on the fence about summer school, reading more about the benefits might help.

Build budding bookworms

Reading skills drop by two months over the summer. By August, many children forget what they learned before the holidays. Summer school keeps reading skills fresh with tailored literacy lessons.

There’s nothing more uplifting than parents telling us that their child who ‘hates reading’ now enjoys reading bedtime stories with them.

More time with tutors

We keep our class sizes small so learners are given more one-to-one time with their tutor.

Our tutors also see each child as an individual and take time to ask questions and draw out your child’s hidden talents.

Maintain a routine

The summer holidays can upset children who find comfort in routine. Routines help children feel relaxed and eager to learn. Not to mention a consistent routine improves their sleep quality and ability to cope with setbacks.

Summer routines are a bridge between the holidays and the start date of a new term. They provide a flexible but supportive environment that helps your child maintain a healthy routine while having fun.

Beat Boredom

Did you know that chronic boredom has been linked to increased anxiety and depression?

We all deserve a break but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Another benefit to routines is that they provide structure and discipline. Rather than feel aimless, regular social interaction and achieving learning milestones can bring purpose to children’s lives.

The Power of Imagination

The Curriculum for Excellence outlines the importance of art, craft, and design in inspiring students.

At LS Tuition we couldn’t agree more! Activities like drawing and crafts stimulate your child’s imagination in fun, engaging ways. Crafts have also been proven to reduce stress and soothe anxiety.

There’s also an added academic benefit; while kids relax with crafts their subconscious mind is freed up to solve maths or literacy problems they struggled with earlier in the day.

Book your child’s place now

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