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We’re delighted to have recently had a two page featured article in the 2023/2024 annual edition of the Edinburgh & The Lothians School Guide! We’ve been a longtime member of their directory and love the work they do. This guide is always worth a look every year as you are deciding what might be the best educational path for your child, and to give you a feel of all the fantastic educational options Edinburgh has to offer.

This feature showcases our fantastic new learning space, which we couldn’t be more proud of. We’re so delighted to share our new space with our students and they’ve been enjoying it so much! We couldn’t wait to share more about it in the Edinburgh School Guide this year so that everyone can see the wonderful space we’ve created to make the most of the holistic education service we offer here at LS Tuition.

New learning space to enhance our 1:1 holistic education support

Our brand new learning space has been specifically designed to be a fun and engaging space for the children we work with, and to play an active role in their learning experience and development. While our children and families get so much more than just tutoring with what we offer (from an in-depth initial assessment report to regular updates, communication and meetings when needed), our fantastic learning space is truly unique, and at the heart of what we do. 

We wanted to create somewhere that had the capacity to grow as our team of tutors grows, and that could help our wonderful students feel safe, explore, and dream big while we support them with our 1:1 holistic education programmes. We’ve carefully planned every part of our new learning space with your child in mind, from our imagination station to our chilled out quiet zone, for when they need a bit of space to decompress.

Bespoke tuition for neurodiverse children in Edinburgh

We also share in this edition of the Edinburgh Schools Guide about our exciting new partnership with STAND (Stronger for Autism and Neurodivergence), a new charity based in Edinburgh that advocates for the rights and education of neurodivergent children. They especially aim to support children who are school refusers or who cannot attend mainstream schooling due to their level of need or other barriers such as anxiety. We’re delighted to have recently partnered with them to offer bespoke tuition to neurodiverse children across Edinburgh!

This is an incredible opportunity for us, and we’re thrilled to be a part of this wonderful project. We truly believe that no child should ever face barriers to their learning, and we’re committed to meeting each child at their starting level, while slowly breaking down these barriers to ensure that education is attainable for all. 

Learn more about our beautiful new holistic learning space at LS Tuition

If you feel your child could benefit from our tailored holistic education service, we invite you to get in touch with us for a friendly (and free) chat so we can learn what type of support your child might need, and to tell you more about our wonderful new learning space. We understand the challenges facing each child are unique, and we’ll meet them exactly where they are. They’ll be fully supported with one of our personalised 1:1 primary school learning plans, and we can’t wait to welcome them into our wonderful new learning space. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you to Edinburgh & The Lothians School Guide for featuring us in their 2023/2024 annual!

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