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Have you ever felt so angry or upset you feel like you’re going to explode?

What do you do in these situations? Do you take a deep breath? Count to 10? Engage in some self-care behaviours?

The key is that you do something which enables you to regulate your behaviour. You are able to do this because you have learned how to care for yourself.

But a child does not always have this developed skill. For children much of the time; fear, anger and upset can all be magnified by a feeling of loosing control over the situation, the feeling, the behaviour and the experience.

This is much like a jar of glitter. When we are happy, calm and still; our minds are clear, free and unburdened. But when we feel angry, doubtful or anxious our minds become clouded and we are no longer able to see things clearly.

How do we guide children to becoming autonomous, independent and resilient in the face of adversity? How do we give them the skills to care for themselves, their emotions and their behaviours?

By co-regulating and modelling best practice so that a child may then learn to self-regulate; to notice a rising negative feeling, accept this feeling and choose a safe way to work through this emotion.

When we teach children we do not only teach them how to read, write and count. We teach them how to be successful people, how to reach their full potential not just academically but as people. We offer them the tools and foundations upon which they are free to flourish and excel.

At LS Tuition, each and every private tutorial is underpinned by these relational values. We truly care about our students and we teach literacy/numeracy and all other curricular areas through a framework of health and wellbeing.

We want your children to WANT to learn! We understand that it all starts with the child and the child is placed at the centre of everything we do ?

Why not book a lesson and find out for yourself?

Lydia x


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