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Often parents ask me what they can do to support their children at home. They look for the answers in literacy resources and maths textbooks. What they sometimes do not realise is that the emotional support with which they can provide their little humans, is the greatest gift they can give them.

How do teachers play a vital role

As educators, we are lucky to play such a vital role in each and every child’s story. We are not simply making a difference in children’s knowledge, but also in their lives! We are guiding them to become self-sufficient people; happy, confident, secure and thriving. It is the child’s health and wellbeing inside that underpins their ability to achieve success outside.

One seemingly small and yet incredibly powerful thing that we can all do to encourage heathy development, is to show the child praise for hard-work and effort, regardless of result. This is not to say that we ignore result. Of course not. But we show the child that it is the choices they make, the actions they choose that are highly regarded.

Reward positive choices

Reward your child showing you they are trying.

⭐They will grow up in a world where they believe they can do anything, be anything, achieve anything; and this is the greatest gift you can give them.⭐

Lydia x

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