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At LS Tuition we provide one to one in-person and online maths tutoring to primary school children; we cater for ages between 4-12. Lydia is the go-to maths primary school tutor and has just opened her new tuition centre.

Lydia offers tutoring services in all primary curriculum areas covering First/Second Level within the Scottish curriculum and Key Stage 1/ Key Stage 2 within the National Curriculum in England.

About Primary School Maths Tutoring

My name is Lydia and I own LS tuition. I am a fully qualified Primary School Teacher with a First Class Honours Degree in Primary Education from the University of Strathclyde. I am qualified to teach all subjects within the Scottish and English Primary School Curricula. I have an up to date PVG certificate and have taught over 500 hours 1-1 both online and face to face.

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Why should you hire a numeracy tutor?

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There are many reasons why a child might benefit from having a numeracy primary school tutor.

Obvious reasons:

  • The teacher has made comments about the child needing some extra support
  • The parents can see that the child is finding areas of learning challenging
  • The child asks for private tutoring (not common but does happen!)

More abstract reasons:

  • The child is showing negative feelings towards a particular subject/homework/school in general (children do not hate learning, they hate that which is inaccessible to them – take a child who ‘hates’ maths – spend some focussed time with this child building their confidence and watch how they suddenly love maths!)
  • The child lacks confidence and second guesses themselves


The formative years are vital. Children are like sponges and what they are exposed to/their experience of education in these early years forms the foundations for how they will continue throughout their lives. It is therefore imperative that children engage with tutors or teachers who have studied and understands academic and socioemotional child development.

It is critical to understand that anyone can teach learning content, but not everyone can instill enthusiasm for learning in a child. At LS Tuition, this is exactly what we do as a tutor. We understand that sometimes, the reason for your child needing an Edinburgh tutor, may lie not in their misunderstanding of content but rather their attitude towards learning. We are here to motivate and inspire you children to be the best version of themselves and carry this with them throughout their lives. 

Are you looking for a Maths tutor?

LS Tuition is a leading primary tutor in Edinburgh providing personalised one to one home tutoring and online tutoring. LS Tuition provides high-quality individually tailored tuition for primary school aged children. 

Online Maths and numeracy Tutoring For Children

All online tutoring takes place in the LS Tuition Virtual Classroom. The classroom recreates real-life conditions. Both students and tutors can see and hear each other whilst both having access to the same interactive workspace.

Key features include:


Both student and teacher have access to the same documents so they can collaborate in real time by reading together or working through Maths problems.


The ‘pointer’ feature acts like a human finger, directing the student’s attention to specific parts of a resource.


All manner of resources (videos, PowerPoints etc.) can be quickly uploaded, so lessons are varied and engaging. Pace is particularly crucial for young learners.


A range of accessible classroom tools (pens, shapes, rulers, erasers etc.) allow the student and teacher to write and draw on the screen.


The virtual classroom is extremely user-friendly and allows for high-quality online tutoring and learning. 

Why Primary School Maths Tuition?


LS Tuition is far more than an maths tutoring service. We understand children and what they need. – tutors and the correct teaching. We support your children in developing not only academically but also as people. We ensure to use consistent praise and reinforcement. We encourage your children’s development of their confidence alongside their academics. We equate success with effort and resilience, which leads to high academic achievement. We understand how to motivate your children and instil enthusiasm for learning which aids towards them becoming independent, confident and successful.

Our job is to get to know your child, who they are, what they like, build rapport and guide them to becoming confident, autonomous individuals who no longer require our company (even if they still want it!)

We ensure children are meeting all the appropriate benchmarks and learning outcomes for each school year and provide valuable insight not only with relation to the curriculum but also in altering and adjusting the learning/materials to meet the child at their level.

We target critical Maths teaching/learning by employing a Method over Formula Framework. Schools focus on teaching written methods of numeracy/formulas but spend far less time developing mental agility and problem-solving skills. It is these areas that we notice children find the most challenging. They can understand structured one-lane thinking but do not have the skills required to expand this into multi-lane, holistic, big picture thinking. At LS Tuition, we focus on supporting children in developing mental maths strategies and building their ‘bank’ of transferable skills.

At LS Tuition, we also have access to a wide range of learning resources that we use in our lessons, as well as offering these to parents and supporting them in using these with their children.

Our reviews speak for themselves! A common theme throughout our studies is the happiness we cultivate within each child we work with. All academic success is a result of positive health and wellbeing. At LS Tuition, we are exceptionally skilled in ensuring academic success through positive health and wellbeing.

We work towards providing your children with a broad and deep understanding of content and equipping them with the necessary tools to succeed beyond primary school into secondary school and even into higher education.


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