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Primary School Tutoring

When working with your child, I will spend time truly getting to know them as people, who they are, their likes/dislikes etc. I will see them as an individual and find creative ways to engage them based on their specific interests and the ways of learning which suit them. I will provide a personalised experience for each child and I guarantee results both academically but also in confidence and self-belief.

Primary School Tutoring

 I am enthusiastic, passionate and have access to a huge variety of resources which I will use and share in my lessons with your children. In all of my literacy lessons, I plan for reading and writing activities, developing talking and listening skills, literal/inferential and evaluative comprehension teaching/exercises and I also incorporate videos and interactive power points. 

Primary School Tutoring

I am able and willing to cover all aspects of maths e.g. shape, time, measure etc., but will always stick closely to a focus on ‘number’ e.g. times tables and number processes as this is the basis for all mathematical knowledge and understanding. I also emphasise work on mental maths and problem solving to improve a child’s ability to think critically and creatively. I use a variety of different resources to engage learners and strive to find what engages and motivates the individual.

School Tutoring

Covid-19 brought with it a whole new online world we have no choice but to adapt to. In response to this new need for constructive, collaborative and effective online learning, I have invested in high-quality online training and have searched high and low for the best virtual classroom within which to teach online lessons.

School Tutoring

All of my booked online lessons take place in my own virtual classroom where your child and I will both be able to see each other, share resources, collaborate using the same screen, upload documents to the online classroom, share links and draw/write in real-time. This virtual classroom is incredibly user-friendly and allows for high-quality online learning and teaching.  Therefore, should you wish to book online lessons, please be assured that I can confidently provide a worthwhile learning experience for your children online just as I can in person. Please do feel free to contact me if you would like any further information regarding online learning.

Early Years Tuition

Nursery P1/Reception

Ages 4-5

Both the Scottish and English Early Years Curriculum emphasise children’s active engagement in their learning and learning through play-based experiences. My tutoring support for children in this age-range focusses on continuing to teach key learning concepts through play-based learning experiences whilst also moving towards teaching essential skills for transitioning into Primary 1/Reception as your child begins to reach the end of their pre-school journey.


  • Learning through Nursery Rhymes (singing; following the beat/tune, simple accompanying actions to support the development of gross motor skills, literacy comprehension through guided questioning, discussion and using art as a tool),
  • Name Recognition (learning how to say, write and identify the letters in the child’s name),
  • Counting forwards and backwards to 10 using games, activities, videos and songs,
  • Colours: teaching and learning of the basic primary colours,
  • Sorting/Categorizing: sorting items, colours, animals etc.,
  • Inferential Exploration: Guided discussion allowing the child to begin to develop their reasoning and analytical skills. 

First Level & Key Stage 1 tuition

P1 – P3

Y1 &Y2

Ages 5 – 7

The First Level and KS1 Curricula emphasise a focus on 3 key areas: literacy, maths and health & wellbeing. It is essential that all children be supported in developing their skillset with regard to reading, writing, grammar and spelling. Further to this, both the Curriculum for Excellence (Scotland) and the National Curriculum (England) emphasise that all children have the right to be provided with opportunities that allow them to develop their critical/analytical thinking, creativity and problem solving skills. First Level & KS1 both build upon the Early Years curriculum whilst also scaffolding children’s learning and preparing them to enter into the Second Level/KS2 curriculum at the end of Primary 3/Year 2.

  • Phonics Teaching and Learning: moving through the 5 phases of phonics learning beginning with alphabet sounds and progressing to digraphs (2-letter sounds) and trigraphs (3-letter sounds),
  • CVC/CVCC/CCVC Blending: teaching a child the skill of ‘blending’ for reading by starting with simple 3-letter words, progressing to 4-letter words, cosonant blends, double letters and long blends,
  • High Frequency Words: also known as common, tricky or sight words; these are words that do not follow traditional blending patterns and must therfore, through targetted teaching, activities and review, become immediately recognisable to children.
  • Using all of the above to begin to guide a child to developing their independence within; reading, comprehension and writing.
  • Place Value (4 digits), Timestables, Column Addition/Subtraction (2/3 digits), Time, Shape, Measure, Problem Solving, Word Problems
  • Number Talks: using the number talks ideology to encourage children to begin to verbally explain their thinking and justify their mathematical choices. 


Second Level & Key Stage 2 tuition

P4 – P7

Y3 – Y6

Ages 7 – 11

Building upon the First Level/KS1 Curriculum, Second Level/KS2 introduces children to up-levelled comprehension, HOTS (higher-order thinking skills), types of questionning, critical analysis, more challenging spelling patterns/gramatical rules and more demanding reading texts. My tuition with this age-group will usually take place in the form of a guided Novel Study. My student and I will read a novel together and all areas of teaching and learning will take place within the context of this novel. Maths work in this final stage of Primary School builds upon skills already taught and supports the child in preparing for Secondary School.

  • Modelled/Guided Reading,
  • Literal/Inferential and Evaluative Questionning,
  • Answering different types of questions; explain, evidence, give your opinion, prove, examine, explore etc.),
  • Key Grammatical Concepts: Parts of Speech (nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs), Punctuation (commas, direct speech, colons, parenthesis, dashes) Tenses, Sentence Strucure etc.,
  • Literary Devices for Reading and Writing: onomatopoeia, alliteration, cliffhanger, dramatic irony, debate, metaphor, simile, imagery, foreshadowing, personification, suspense etc.).
  • Writing Structures:  Discussion, Explanation, Instructional, Report, News Report, Recount, Persuasive, Imaginative: including; – setting, characters, emotions, events, story structuring.
  • Place Value (6+ digits), Timestables, Column Addition/Subtraction (4 digits), Column Multiplication (1×2/1×3/2×2 digits), Division, Decimals, Fractions, PercentagesProblem Solving, Word Problems

  • Number Talks: using the number talks ideology to encourage children to begin to verbally explain their thinking and justify their mathematical choice.


What happens in the first lesson?

I will use your first lesson to get to know your child and assess them within literacy and maths against curriculum benchmarks. The final 10 minutes of the lesson I spend with you giving you my feedback regarding your child’s strengths, challenge areas and a plan for progression.

How much do you charge?

I charge £50 per hour which covers my time face to face with your child; the additional preparation time I spend creating a completely personalised learning plan; and the resources I purchase and use in my lessons.

Can I book lesson slots shorter than 1 hour long?

Whilst the majority of the lessons I teach are 1 hour long, I am willing to take bookings for both 30-minute and 45-minute lessons also, depending on the particular situation. If you would like to contact me here I will happily discuss this with you.

Where do lessons take place?

Under normal circumstances; my lessons can take place either online or in-person at your home. However, due to the current government restrictions all of my lessons are now taking place exclusively online in the L.S. Tuition Online Classroom see here for more information.

How can I access the LS Tuition Online Classroom for my lesson?

Once you book a lesson with me, I will send you a link to access your own personal lesson space within the L.S. Tuition online classroom. Upon clicking this link, you will be asked to type in the student’s name and will go through a brief camera, microphone and speakers check. You will then be brought to the classroom space. For more information regarding the online classroom please click here.

How does payment work?

When booking, you will be asked to input your credit card details to secure your lesson booking. All bookings and payments are made securely through the Stripe online payment platform. Stripe is a third party payment processing platform similar to PayPal. When I receive confirmation of this, I will confirm your booking.

Once you have decided you would like to continue with me on a daily or weekly basis, I will set up a subscription booking with you through Stripe which will automatically charge your card on the same day/time each week depending on when our lesson bookings are. This will save you from having to complete a manual payment each week. Subscription payments can be cancelled anytime and can easily be edited to accommodate for holidays etc. 

What happens If I need to cancel a lesson?

You can cancel any lesson up to 24 hours prior to the lesson start time. L.S. Tuition cancellation policy states that all lessons cancelled within 24 hours of the lesson start time will be charged at full price. The reason for this is that I will have already spent time planning/resourcing your child’s lesson and may have turned away/lost other bookings in the process. See full terms and conditions here.

Can I offer feedback for LS Tuition?

Feedback is the most valuable resource any of my students could offer for my potential students. Each time I receive a Google Review, you bring me one step closer to someone else who is searching for Private Tuition. As a small independent business, I rely wholly on reviews to instil faith in new students and allow me to reach a larger audience and continue doing what I love to do. If you can spare 5 minutes to leave me a Google Review here I would be incredibly grateful.

How long will my child require tutoring?

This very much depends on you and your child as an individual and is completely your choice. When you book in with me, this becomes your personal slot and you are free to engage with it for as long as you like. Though the majority of my students are long-term, I do also offer short-term tutoring for exam preparation or teaching related to a specific challenge area/concept.

Will my child get homework?

This is completely your choice. I offer homework as part of my collaboration with you and your child. This can be as much or as little as you wish. I will discuss all of this with you in our first lesson.

My child is struggling with school-work/home-learning - can this be part of their personalised tuition program?

My time with you is your time and as such, I am happy to provide personalised support in whichever areas and however you need it. If you would prefer to have me support with home-learning tasks, rather than design a personalised learning program for your child, of course I can do this. I can also provide a mix of both my own teaching and learning alongside home-learning support. I am eager to collaborate with you to design the most supportive program for your child.

How can I book a lesson?

You are able to book all lessons through the online booking system here on the L.S. Tuition website.

How will I know my child is progressing?

During our first lesson, I will assess your child against curriculum benchmarks and will further discuss with you the goals you have for your child and their learning. I will use the information you give me and your child’s assessment to design a personalised learning program that targets the goals we have discussed whilst promoting areas of strength and supporting challenge areas.

I end each tutoring session with your child 5 minutes early and spend the final 5 minutes discussing with you the content of the lesson and how your child has progressed – so you are always informed. I see tutoring as a collaboration between myself, you and your child and therefore maintain open and regular communication with all of my students via email and phone.

Are you qualified/background checked?

I have a First Class Honours Degree in Primary Education from the University of Strathclyde. I also hold a Grade A HNC in Early Education and Childcare from Edinburgh College and I am fully PVG (Police Background) checked.

What if I no longer wish to continue with tuition?

Students leave tuition for a variety of reasons. Some only come for a short time; to understand a concept or prepare for an exam. Others simply outgrow Primary Tuition and move on to higher education. Many also accomplish all their goals (although there is always more to learn!) and feel ready to tackle the next step independently.

Although I will be extremely sad to see you leave(!) you are of course welcome to do so at any time.

Question not answered?

Please get in touch using the contact form here or email me at: