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My name is Lydia and I own LS tuition. I am a fully qualified Primary School Teacher with a First Class Honours Degree in Primary Education from the University of Strathclyde. I am qualified to teach all subjects within the Scottish and English Primary School Curricula including key stage tutoring. I have an up to date PVG certificate and have taught over 1000 hours 1-1 both online and face to face. Being a key stage 1 and 2 tutor, I provide online tuition and primary tuition for pupils who need that extra support.

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Why Key Stage 2 Tutoring?

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Lydia is a qualified primary school tutor, specialising in primary education. Lydia has taught over 1000 hours as a key stage tutor. LS Tuition provides private tuition for all children, closely following the national curriculum; building confidence, understanding and knowledge within students.

Key Stage 2 (KS2) is the stage taught in England and Wales for years 3 to 6 (Primary 4 – 7), and generally, children are between 7 and 12 years old. Key stage 2, proceeds key stage 1 and builds on the skills learnt in KS1.

By Key Stage 2, the number of subjects a child starts to learn increase. At this time, it is vital that children are competent in their core skills of reading, writing and maths. LS Tuition supports in the learning of these core skills and builds on these with all the subjects in the KS2 curriculum. As a tutor, we also help with preparation for SATs and school entrance exams, which come in year 6(Primary 7).


Online Key Stage 2 lessons

Lydia builds upon the Key Stage 1 (ks1) curriculum At this stage, we introduce children to more in-depth comprehension, types of questions, HOTS (higher-order thinking skills), critical analysis, challenging spelling word patterns/grammatical rules and more demanding reading texts.

Tuition with this age group will normally take place in the form of a guided Novel Study. The student and tutor will generally read a novel together, and all teaching will revolve around the novel. Maths work in this final stage of Primary School builds upon skills already taught and supports the child in preparing for Secondary education.

Are you looking for a Key Stage Two Tutor?

LS Tuition is a leading primary School tutor for KS2, providing personalised one to one home tutoring and online tutoring. LS Tuition provides high-quality individually tailored tuition for primary school-aged children.

Online KS2 Maths Tutors – Numeracy Tutors

Maths (mathematics) and Numeracy are often thought of as differently named for the same areas of teaching when in fact, these headings describe two separate, but equally fundamental, areas of the Primary School Curricula.

Numeracy covers all maths teaching related to number skills for example; counting, addition, subtraction, times tables, column multiplication, division, place value, decimals etc.

On the other hand, when we discuss maths or maths tuition, we are focussing on specific maths topic areas, strategies and formulas within which we might use our number skills. For example fractions, percentages, shape, money, time, word problems/problem solving etc.

My online Maths and Numeracy tuition incorporates both maths numeracy teaching simultaneously to ensure your child is developing both key areas in tandem. For example, our key maths topic areas might be problem-solving, but our simultaneous number focus might be times tables and place value – all skills that will add to your child’s ability to problem-solve to a higher level.

Online KS2 English Tutors – Literacy Tutors

The English/Literacy curricula encompass all literacy areas including; talking and listening, comprehension, phonics, reading and writing. The aim of Key Stage 2 literacy is to teach a child how to think critically, analytically and to be able to develop, express and justify their positions.

All of my literacy teaching will work towards developing your child’s ability to discuss their thinking and explain their opinions. We will work on writing techniques, structures, grammar punctuation and spelling. We read appropriately levelled texts to aid both reading expressions as well as comprehension/understanding of the text itself and discussion allow us to also work on being both speaker and listener.

We work towards mastery to ensure that your child is pushing boundaries and excelling both in ability and confidence.

How do I book a Primary School lesson?

At LS Tuition we have an online booking system, where you can select a convenient time for your child’s tutoring session. You have total control over the booking where you can amend lessons, contact Lydia and cancel all in your own LS Tuition account.

Why Do You Need Key Stage 2 Tutors?

Children seek out KS2 tuition for many reasons. 

Key stage 2 tutoring

Key Stage 2 is a vital learning stage as it represents the final primary school stage before secondary/high school. It is at this point that some children wish to ensure they are on track and confident with the primary school curriculum before taking on the Key Stage 3 curriculum in secondary school.

Alternatively, some children find they need to be challenged further beyond what the Key Stage 2 curricula is offering them, and it is at this point that we can begin to explore early-stage Key Stage 3 work as preparation for beginning secondary school or grammar schools.

Some children find they have missing knowledge gaps, incredibly common now due to the pandemic, and a tutor can be instrumental in ensuring these knowledge gaps are filled in a safe and friendly environment. 

Some children simply need a little confidence boost and having some focussed 1-1 attention each week can work holistically to boost academic ability as well as confidence, self-belief and motivation moving forward.  Finding a suitable tutor is essential and makes a huge difference in the impact on your child. Lydia is a fully qualified tutor of all key stages and covers all core subjects. We want our pupils to excel in their learning, improve their knowledge and get a grasp of the core subjects, whilst being provided support throughout.

How do I book a Primary education lesson?

At LS Tuition we have an online booking system, where you can select a convenient time for your child’s tutoring session. You have total control over the booking where you can amend lessons, contact Lydia and cancel all in your own LS Tuition account. As parents, you can rest assured that Lydia will bring out the potential of your children, with years of tutoring experience providing additional support to pupils. Lydia has the qualifications to be the perfect choice of teacher to support your son or daughter and boost their confidence.

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