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Our Critical Thinking Method That Helps Children Think Big

Creative, non-judgemental, free-thinking — three words we’d use to describe our Critical Thinking space at Lydia’s Tuition. And our learners love it too. “It feels good when I solve the problem,” said one KS1 pupil. Critical thinking and philosophy aren’t exclusively for university students. Everyone can benefit from pondering life’s great questions, but especially children. […]

How To Learn The Times Tables

Do you remember learning your times tables at school? Knowing tables facts is still a crucial part of any child’s education. Mastering times tables will help your child Master basic maths Improve their mental arithmetic Understand important mathematical concepts Excel at complicated maths once they reach secondary school Use maths in everyday tasks Grow in […]

A Guide To Teaching Phonics

Phonics is a method of teaching children to read using sound. Children develop phonics skills by linking sounds with the letters that represent them. This article will explore how phonics works, how effective it is, and how you can use phonics to improve children’s reading comprehension. Phonics is used by most primary school teachers in […]

8 Effective Study Tips For Parents

a teacher at LS tuition offering 1:1 time with a pupil

Help your child ace their exams with these study tips! Parents play a crucial role in their children’s exam preparation. Studies show that children who receive support at home are better behaved in school, show greater enthusiasm for learning, and are more likely to pass their exams. Preparing for exams is stressful for young students. […]