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Rush Hour: Learning Through Play

green wall with the words activity arena and a car displaying the game rush hour and asking if you can get out of the puzzle

One of our core beliefs is that learning should be fun. Fun is important for learners of all ages but especially children whose natural state is play and curiosity. Like mini detectives, they’re constantly gathering clues and information that help them understand the world. A sense of play shows children why they’re learning something and […]

Our Critical Thinking Method That Helps Children Think Big

Creative, non-judgemental, free-thinking — three words we’d use to describe our Critical Thinking space at Lydia’s Tuition. And our learners love it too. “It feels good when I solve the problem,” said one KS1 pupil. Critical thinking and philosophy aren’t exclusively for university students. Everyone can benefit from pondering life’s great questions, but especially children. […]

Why Developing Problem-Solving Skills Early Is So Important

Every day, children encounter a world filled with complexities, uncertainties, and emotions. Conflict with siblings, academic pressure, and personal hang-ups all play a part in shaping a child’s sense of self-worth and belonging. It’s tempting to think that our job as adults is to shield children from these challenges. While protecting children in the short […]

Page-turning books for Key Stages 1 and 2

Looking to expand your little one’s library? We asked the tutors at LS Tuition to recommend their favourite books for Key Stages 1 and 2. Building literacy is an essential skill. Children who read daily are more likely to become avid readers and struggle less in class generally. There’s also a direct link between reading […]

A Guide To Teaching Phonics

Phonics is a method of teaching children to read using sound. Children develop phonics skills by linking sounds with the letters that represent them. This article will explore how phonics works, how effective it is, and how you can use phonics to improve children’s reading comprehension. Phonics is used by most primary school teachers in […]

The Benefits of Summer Schools | Edinburgh

Book KS1 Summer School Book KS2 Summer School As the holidays approach, you might be considering the benefits of Summer School for your child. Summer brings the promise of better weather, endless relaxation, and a break from demanding routines. But for active young minds, the long summer holidays can also spell disrupted routines, emotional dysregulation […]

What is the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum in Scotland?

a wall in ls tuition learning space about literacy and reading

Key Stage 2 is the National Curriculum followed by public and state schools here in Scotland. It applies to children aged 7-12 and in Primary 4 to Primary 7. It covers a range of core subjects that are expected to be covered in the curriculum in order to prepare children for their transition into secondary […]