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Rush Hour: Learning Through Play

green wall with the words activity arena and a car displaying the game rush hour and asking if you can get out of the puzzle

One of our core beliefs is that learning should be fun. Fun is important for learners of all ages but especially children whose natural state is play and curiosity. Like mini detectives, they’re constantly gathering clues and information that help them understand the world. A sense of play shows children why they’re learning something and […]

Page-turning books for Key Stages 1 and 2

Looking to expand your little one’s library? We asked the tutors at LS Tuition to recommend their favourite books for Key Stages 1 and 2. Building literacy is an essential skill. Children who read daily are more likely to become avid readers and struggle less in class generally. There’s also a direct link between reading […]

Featured Article in Edinburgh & The Lothians School Guide

We’re delighted to have recently had a two page featured article in the 2023/2024 annual edition of the Edinburgh & The Lothians School Guide! We’ve been a longtime member of their directory and love the work they do. This guide is always worth a look every year as you are deciding what might be the […]

Getting your child ready to return to school

It’s already that time of year! Summer fun has been had over the past 6 weeks, and now we’re fully in back- to – school mode. This can be a challenging time of year for children and adults alike! Transitions can be tricky for many children as is settling back into a routine and much […]

Helping Your Child With Spelling

a picture of lots of different letter tiles

Daunted by teaching children their ‘there’ from their  ‘they’re’? Spelling might feel scary, but it’s possible to make the process easier! This guide supports your child’s language development with tips on spelling rules, how to avoid misspellings, and enjoyable ways to improve their spelling. What is spelling? Spelling is using letters to form words according […]

How To Learn The Times Tables

Do you remember learning your times tables at school? Knowing tables facts is still a crucial part of any child’s education. Mastering times tables will help your child Master basic maths Improve their mental arithmetic Understand important mathematical concepts Excel at complicated maths once they reach secondary school Use maths in everyday tasks Grow in […]

A Guide To Teaching Phonics

Phonics is a method of teaching children to read using sound. Children develop phonics skills by linking sounds with the letters that represent them. This article will explore how phonics works, how effective it is, and how you can use phonics to improve children’s reading comprehension. Phonics is used by most primary school teachers in […]