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Our Critical Thinking Method That Helps Children Think Big

Creative, non-judgemental, free-thinking — three words we’d use to describe our Critical Thinking space at Lydia’s Tuition. And our learners love it too. “It feels good when I solve the problem,” said one KS1 pupil. Critical thinking and philosophy aren’t exclusively for university students. Everyone can benefit from pondering life’s great questions, but especially children. […]

Getting Ready For Summer School

Easter has just passed but now is the time to consider summer school. Summer schools aren’t about forcing your child to learn instead of taking a well-earned break — they’re a great way to keep children active and entertained throughout the holidays. Music to parents’ ears! Research indicates that over the summer, children can lose […]

Why Developing Problem-Solving Skills Early Is So Important

Every day, children encounter a world filled with complexities, uncertainties, and emotions. Conflict with siblings, academic pressure, and personal hang-ups all play a part in shaping a child’s sense of self-worth and belonging. It’s tempting to think that our job as adults is to shield children from these challenges. While protecting children in the short […]

The Key Differences Between Holistic and Traditional Learning

Unsure about whether holistic education or the traditional approach is right for your child? This guide outlines the key differences between the two and how holistic education measures up when it comes to developing your child’s academic ability early. The key difference is that holistic education nurtures the whole child. In a holistic learning environment […]

How To Nurture Young Learners With One-To-One Holistic Education

Academic ability is important for building careers and financial success. But what about developing imagination and empathy, and learning how to express emotions and take care of ourselves? These are crucial parts of being a happy, healthy human being. In recent years there has been an increased focus on children’s overall wellbeing. Holistic education teachers […]

Holistic, Inclusive Alternative To Mainstream Education In Edinburgh

Lydia of LS Tuition in the new learning space classroom

There are wonderful alternatives to mainstream education — like our unique learning space in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded by teacher Lydia Scaltsas, LS Tuition provides a holistic, welcoming, and inclusive approach to your child’s education. We believe in an education that nurtures the ‘whole child’. That means looking beyond academics and developing a child’s sense of […]

What is the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum in Scotland?

a wall in ls tuition learning space about literacy and reading

Key Stage 2 is the National Curriculum followed by public and state schools here in Scotland. It applies to children aged 7-12 and in Primary 4 to Primary 7. It covers a range of core subjects that are expected to be covered in the curriculum in order to prepare children for their transition into secondary […]

What is involved in the Key Stage 1 National Curriculum?

Key Stage 1 is the National Curriculum for education here in Scotland that covers primary school children aged 5 – 7 or from Primary 1 to Primary 3. These include a wide range of subjects that should be taught to students within their early primary school years and national tests that should be completed at […]